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Guide To Chimney Inspection

Chimney inspection helps you to identify faults in your chimney. The faults may be cracks, wrong installation, or even unwanted birds. The inspection also tells you the right time to undertake chimney sweeping. It’s recommended that you clean your chimney once a year but when you are burning the wrong wood you should clean the […]

Gas Fireplaces And Log Sets: Taking A Look At The Benefits Of Gas Log Sets

Gas logs give your chimney a cozy and dramatic look. In addition to this benefit, there are many other reasons why you should go for the units. These other reasons include: The gas logs are convenient The major problem with wood burning fireplaces is that they have a lot of inconveniences. You need to get […]

Everything You Need To Know About Chimney Cleaning Brushes

To undertake chimney cleaning you need chimney brushes. If you are planning on doing the cleaning work by yourself you have to buy your own brushes. Tips for buying chimney brushes There are many factors that you need to consider when buying the brushes. These factors include: The height of your chimney: Different chimneys come […]

Wood Fireplace Repair: Tips On How To Have A Great Experience With Your Wood Fireplace

If you have a wood-burning fireplace you know how important firewood is to you. In addition to providing you with warmth, it also greatly determines the sanity of your fireplace. Firewood gives off smoke that brings about creosote buildup. When you don’t properly burn your firewood, creosote tends to accumulate fast thus you are required […]

All About Chimney Liners And Chimney Relining

A chimney liner is installed inside a chimney and an important part of the chimney. The unit contains the products of combustion thus releasing the effects into the outside environment. Due to the containment, corrosion and heat don’t affect the chimney walls. Other benefits of chimney liners Protection against fire: Since the units contain the […]

Chimney Masonry Repair: Tips On How To Prepare Your Chimney For Winter

As we are approaching winter, it’s good to prepare your chimney for the season. Here are some of the things that you should do: Fix the chimney bricks and mortar joints If your chimney is old it most likely has loose, chipped, or cracked bricks. Damaged bricks put your chimney at the risk of water […]

Chimney Company: Taking A Look At Chimney Parts And How To Take Care Of Them

A chimney is made up of many parts that include: Chimney firebox The firebox is the section of the chimney that you build the fire. The unit is built with heat-resistant firebrick and the interior is lined with heat-resistant tiles. The tiles crack or weaken after years of use; therefore, it’s recommended that you ask […]

How To Prepare For Chimney Cleaning

To keep your chimney looking great and also get rid of creosote that puts your home at the risk of catching fire you should regularly undertake chimney cleaning. To start the cleaning process fast and have an easy time, you should properly prepare your chimney for cleaning. Here is how to go about it: Clear […]

Things you should know about appliance repair

It might seem just like a normal load of washing as you place your clothing in the drier, correct the switch, press the start menu along with your washing begins to tumble as usual. Finally you begin to wonder why your drier hasn’t discontinued. Definitely your garments must be dry by today. You open the […]

Putting A Lens On Chimney Cleaning

Chimney cleaning is a must-do task for your chimney to be safe. There are many reasons why you need to clean your chimney. Why you should regularly clean your chimney The first reason why you should clean your chimney is to get rid of the common chimney deposits. They include: Soot: This is the black […]

Chimney Company: Chimney Tips You Should Know About

Almost every home in America has a chimney. As a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to keep your chimney safe and in perfect working condition. To help you out, here are tips that you should observe: Avoid toxins in your chimney Toxins are any substances that affect your home and/or people living in it. In addition […]

Chimney Contractor: 4 Benefits Of Installing A Wooden Stove In Your Home

Whether you have just constructed a new house or are looking to improve the efficiency of your current heating system, you should consider installing a wood burning stove. According to chimney repair professionals, wood burning stoves have many benefits that include: A wooden stove improves the look of your home I know that you are […]

Chimney Contractor: Putting A Lens On The Chimney Cap

A chimney cap is a unit that you install at the top of your chimney in order to prevent rain, animals and birds from getting into the inside of your house. It’s usually made from stainless steel, but there are a few that are made from concrete. All you need to do is ask your […]

Chimney Contractor: Everything You Need To Know About Seasoned Wood

If you have a wood burning fireplace you should burn seasoned wood in order to get the right amount of heat. Burning seasoned wood also reduces the frequency at which you undertake chimney cleaning as only minimal creosote is deposited in your chimney. What is seasoned wood? This is wood that has been cut and […]

Chimney Contractor: 3 Causes Of A Smelly Chimney And What You Can Do About It

A smelly chimney makes your house uncomfortable to live in. The bad odor also makes you ashamed of inviting guests in the house. If your chimney is smelly here are 3 of the most common causes and what you can do to fix the problem: The chimney is dirty If you haven’t cleaned the chimney […]

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